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Work with Me

There are two opportunities to work with me. You can commission a new work or join a consortium. Contact me anytime about these options.

Commissions FAQ

What type of music can be commissioned?

New works for concert band/wind ensemble are my speciality. However, any instrumentation will be considered for a commission.

How do I inquire about a commission?

Contact me anytime using the form on my Contact page.

How much does it cost to commission you?

The cost varies depending on the scope of the project. My rates are competitive with similar projects. Concert band commissions typically start at $4000.

If the cost is a challenge I'm able to recommend fundraising ideas as needed. Joining a consortium is a more affordable option as the cost is shared among multiple parties.

Where can I listen to and/or see your music?

Listening to my music and reviewing my scores is an important step to determine if a commission project makes sense between you and I. Here are some options:




Consortiums FAQ

What is a consortium?

A consortium is a collaborative effort among multiple individuals or organizations to commission or fund the creation of a new piece of music for a specific set of instruments. It's a way to share the financial burden and promote the creation of fresh compositions.

How does a consortium work with you?

  • Initiation: An individual or organization takes the lead in organizing the consortium.
  • Initial Contact: Consortium members contact me to begin the consortium project.
  • Funding: Members pool financial resources to cover the commissioning fee.
  • Composition: The consortium work is created.
  • Premiere Performance: Consortium members have the privilege of premiering the piece with their ensemble.
  • Publication and Distribution: After the premiere, the piece is published and made available for purchase by other ensembles or musicians.

Who typically initiates a consortium?

Consortium initiators can be music ensembles, conductors, music educators, or music associations who have a vested interest in commissioning new music for a specific instrumentation.

What is the role of consortium members?

Consortium members contribute financially to the project, collectively covering the commissioning fee. They also have the opportunity to premiere the piece and support the composer.

Why would I want to join a consortium?

Joining a consortium is an excellent way to promote the creation of new music for your specific instrumentation and share the financial responsibility. It also offers the privilege of premiering a new composition and strengthens the sense of community within the music world.

How can I get recognition for my participation in a consortium?

Consortium members may receive recognition in the published score of the commissioned piece, acknowledging their support for the composer and the project.

Can I participate in a consortium if I'm not part of a specific ensemble or group of instruments?

Participation in a consortium is typically open to a wide range of individuals and organizations interested in supporting new music for a specific instrumentation. You don't necessarily have to be a member of a specific ensemble to get involved.

How can I start or join a consortium with you?

You can contact me anytime to start a consortium or inquire about joining an existing consortium.

Is there a specific structure for consortiums, or can they vary?

Consortium structures can vary. The specific details, such as the number of members, funding model, and member involvement, can be tailored to suit the needs and preferences of the organizers and participants.